What does PTS mean and what it's difference to l2j?

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PTS (Public Test Server) - is an official server part, created by Lineage 2 developers. A few years ago this package was uploaded to the Internet for free download. Game logics and mechanics work exactly as were designed by game developers.
L2J - is a Lineage 2 server emulator, designed and developed by different teams. Each branch has it's unique features, advantages and disadvantages and basicly something similar, but, in general, absolutely different from PTS by gameplay, game mechanics and balance product.
L2J is distributed with an open source code. It allows project owners and developers to extend the core functionality, add new features and unique mechanics, while PTS has no source code in free access so core development is possible only due to attaching to it special extender, like AdvExt64.
L2J or PTS?
Definately, every person who ever wanted to launch his Lineage 2 project or already runs it had to choose: L2J or PTS? What is their difference? What is better? Why server packs developed by different teams cost absolutely different amounts?
Due to different reasons, sometimes people make wrong choice. Usually project owners and amature administrators choose cheaper server software to invest main part of the budget into the advertising. As a result start online at the prject launch could be really good and high. Unfortunately, within short period of time it will vanish dramaticly in a reason of low server core optimization, various critical bugs, poor game balance etc.
At the same time, the PTS performs stable, well optimized and easy to control work. Success of the project launch depends on the following factors:

  • Desired online on the launch
  • Well-designed game balance
  • Reasonable donate-system

PTS software will not fail in any case, so the success of the project launch depends on the correct choice and project management instead of luck.
Opinion about PTS is based on a few myths usually:
Myth №1. PTS is very difficult.
PTS-server installation process lasts less then 2 hours since pack download till login into the game even if it's made by unexperienced user. It is easy to check without spending any money: we provide 3-day free trial and can advise free testing VDS for 3 days in case you don't have own server equipment.
Myth №2. PTS is hard to configure.
PTS uses huge number of open configuration files and scripts that allow easy configure, add and modify items, skills, NPCs, drop etc. Even if you don't know where to start we will always guide you.
What is impossible to change is server core algorythms and in most of the cases it is not required.
Myth №3. PTS does not contain any ready custom solutions.
Along with AdvExt64 package we destribute free:

  • Buffer with profiles support
  • Profession manager
  • GM-Shop
  • Autoloot
  • Offline shop
  • All official events starting from C1 till corresponding chronics