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About AdvExt

AdvExt - is leading PTS-bases Extender developing team that since 2005 provides high quality Lineage2 server packages. This Wiki-project was created to descibe the technical documentation for better understanding and more effective usage of AdvExt products. We hope it will will be useful for both novice and experienced users of Lineage2 PTS packages.

AdvExt Products

Current AdvExt products line is presented by the following versions:

AdvExt Essentials

Despite the fact that the AdvExt products are tested and ready for use by users without deep technical experience, in order to better understand the system, to take full advantage of its possibilities and avoid typical mistakes while using it we recommend to familiarize with the information provided below.

  • Equipment minimum requirements for the AdvExt products are:
    • CPU: 64-bit AMD or Intel. There are no specific requirements for clock speed or model. If the CPU supports HyperThreading, this function must be disabled in the BIOS.
    • RAM: 16 GB (for larger projects - more). Memory usage is not directly dependent on the number of players online, but highly recommend to have a substantial stock of memory.
    • HDD: The higher the estimated online, the higher the requirements for the disk space. For large projects it is recommended to use the raid arrays or SSD/SAS drives.
    • Internet connection: 100 Mbit/s.
  • Every AdvExt version should be running on the x64 server platforms and requires the Windows OS of the corresponding bit. Recommended 64-bit versions of Windows 2003, 2008 or 2010.
  • x64 MSSQL 2005 or 2008. Installation Guides:

Preparing for the first start of AdvExt

So, you have become the proud owner of one of the AdvExt products. Unzip gained product files at any convenient place. For example: C:\L2Server\

  1. Creating a database and connecting to it:
    1. Start -> All programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 200x > SQL Server Management Studio.
    2. Press Connect -> on the left panel select your server -> Database. Click the right mouse button and select New Database -> Type "lin2db" -> OK.
    3. Repeat this operation for the "lin2world" database.
    4. In the C:\L2Server\SQL Scripts folder find *.sql scripts and apply lin2db*.sql to lin2db and the rest scripts to lin2world databases.
    5. Open the database lin2db -> Tables > find and right-click the table named Server -> "Edit" table and make the following entries:
      • id = 1
      • name = the name of the server must match the worldname in C:\L2Server\l2server\l2server.ini.
      • ip = your external IP address.
      • inner_ip =
      • ageLimit = 0
      • pk_flag = 0
      • kind = 0
      • port = 7777
      • region= ID of the region (0=Korea,1=English,2=Japan,3=Taiwan,4=China,5=Thailand,6=Philippine,7=Indonesia,8=Russia)
    6. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC)
    7. Open the tab Files DSN -> Add
    8. In the server list, select SQL Server -> Next
    9. Type "l2world" -> Next, until until the server select will be prompted.
    10. Field Description lieve blank, select (local) or enter localhost/IP.
    11. Press Next until you can choose the database used by default. Check mark and from the list choose "lin2world".
    12. Repeat steps 7-11 for the databases "lin2comm" and "lin2clancomm", if you purchased and planning to use Community Board.
  2. Modification of the server configuration files
    1. Open the C:\L2Server\hAuthD\hAuthD.ini
      Server = IP MSSQL server
      User = sa
      Password = password for the sa
      Database = lin2db
  3. Applying of the SQL-scripts
    1. From the folder SQL Scripts\new that destributed along with the purchased package apply both scripts and apply them to the appropriate databases
    2. From the folder SQL Scripts\updates execute all scripts located there, applying them to the "lin2world" database
  4. The first launch of the server
    1. Run C:\L2Server\CacheD\Cached_AdvExt64.exe. Error: "This code reqiries valid serial number" will be generated. For the first launch it's normal. At this moment \L2Server\AdvExt64\License.hwid file generated.
    2. Open C:\L2Server\AdvExt64\License.hwid with any text editor and copy it's contents.
    3. Open C:\L2Server\AdvExt64\LicenseServer.ini and fill in your contact information
    4. Contact support-line of the AdvExt team via e-mail: or skype: help.advext64 and provide contents of the License.hwid, LicenseServer.ini and GameServer IP
    5. Create C:\L2Server\AdvExt64\License.key file and paste the code received from the AdvExt support inside. Save it in the ANSI coding!
    6. Start the server.
  5. Lineage2 server launching order
    1. C:\L2Server\hAuthD\hAuthD.exe
    2. C:\L2Server\CacheD\Cached_AdvExt64.exe
    3. C:\L2Server\L2server\L2Server_AdvExt64.exe
    4. C:\L2Server\L2NPC\L2NPC_AdvExt64.exe
  6. Firewall settings
    • Ports 2106 and 7777 must be opened in the firewall settings.

AdvExt Components

Each of the AdvExt base product's components are located in the following folders:

  • AdvExt64 - It contains the main configuration and license files of the AdvExt extender. Main gameplay customizations are done by the modifying of ini-files located here.
  • CacheD - one of the server applications that provides a logical connection between MSSQL-database and core of the system - L2Server.
  • GEODATA - in this folder height maps of the Lineage2 game world, region collisions and NPC routes located.
  • hAuthD - authorization server. All new game sessions are passing through it and it decides wether to let the player into the game world or not.
  • html - all in-game dialogs are placed in this folder in the format of htm. Even if the file format looks like HTML but includes PTS-specific syntax and is very limited compared to the standard HTML functionality.
  • L2NPC - server application which is responsible for all the NPCs in the game world: their creation, behavior and despawn.
  • L2Server - the main application of the product, connects all its modules, ensuring their interaction, processing game logic and mechanics.
  • script - server scripts that determine the description of all components and parameters of the game world Lineage2: items, skills, area, NPC and AI, castles and clan halls, etc. etc.

If you purchased additional AdvExt products or services, the number of the provided may differ. Please, find description for the additional components in the documentation attached to the destributed product. The above mentioned list describes the basic components of the AdvExt extender.

Php-functions to send Cached commands

There php-based functions that allow communication between web-interface and Cached port to make different DB changes that do not require Cached reboot.